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Lab - Research & Development


Lab - Research & Development

The Abbrevia Lab is entirely dedicated to the research and development of investigative instruments and assessment processes to optimise information and to create added-value from this.

The business unit provides rapid and innovative solutions to the problems associated with commercial Partnerships, thanks to the development, from scratch, of services and systems with highly-sophisticated technologies and content.

Abbrevia Lab introduces DebtWatch

Abbrevia DebtScreening is a snapshot of the Italian debtor. This search involves using nationwide sample track and trace personal data searches in conjunction with businesses in the financial sector.

We start off by determining the subject’s nationality, age, and gender, moving onto more specific information, such as how to locate them in the case of debt recovery, broken down into geographical areas, unemployment history, how frequently the subject debtors have been unemployed, breakdown of their type of occupation (company representative, employee, retired, etc.), each subject’s property assets or if a vehicle owner; other interesting information may be the existence or not of a bank current account/postal account in the debtor’s name.


The aim of the research promoted by the Abbrevia Lab is to provide operators in the credit sector, business owners and interested parties, updated information for profiling a “typical” debtor for the purposes of a preliminary analysis of their commercial reliability and from a statistical point of view to provide, over time, a snapshot of the financial trends of the credit market.

Shareholding structure, territorial distribution, traceability, likelihood of them paying and a lot of other data is also collected and submitted regularly in a report called DebtScreening.

We work with you to create your final proposal; contact us to arrange an appointment with your dedicated area consultant. Abbrevia is present across the whole national territory.

Abuse of Authorisations under Law 104

We conduct investigations related to breaches of Legislation 104/92 and 151/2001 to gather evidence demonstrating the effective offence committed by the worker in using permits from their work activities

Sick Leave Offences

We conduct investigations dedicated to the sick leave abuses to gather evidence showing the effective offence by the employee, who despite submitting an official medical certificate continues to carry out activities which they are not consistent with their condition.

Breach of Company Trust

These investigations focus on corporate breaches of trust seeking out evidence of anti-competitive behaviours by a partner, shareholders or employee and contractors.

Reputational Assessment

In terms of preliminary assessment, the Reputational Assessment is conducted to find evidence for profiling the investigated party from the point of view of reliability and reputation, helping the Client to decide whether or not to engage in a commercial and/or professional relationship with the investigated party.

Environment and Phone Remediation

Corporate investigations including environment and telephone remediation sweeps for the purposes of identifying the presence of any potential illegal video or audio system interceptions, including inactive systems, in order to determine any potential privacy violations or spying activities.

IT Investigations

Investigations in a corporate environment include IT investigations, analysis of activities on company hardware and software to identify and find information and as well as on internal and external data, depending on the client’s objectives.


Our cybersecurity service can assist companies in defining the legal risks related to company IT security.

Graphology Analyses

The forensics of legal graphology, enables graphology Analyses to be carried out in order to find evidence demonstrating or determining the writer’s identity and therefore the ownership of a document through various elements such as the direction of the writing, rhythm, strokes and including all particular and personal elements.

Marital Infidelity

Investigations regarding marital infidelity research evidence of extra-marital relationships, effectively representing a breach of the couple’s bond.

Maintenance Order Recalculations

To prove any potential inconsistency of the data provided regarding the income of an ex-spouse due to potential so called “black-market” work which is more likely to impact the real assessment of the maintenance order than any other potential income sources

Custody of Minors

The custody of minors, where the spouses are separated, may be an area that requires to be investigated regarding all the elements considered by a judge in determining a custody order.

Minors and Bullying

The aim of investigations to protect minors is to identify behaviours, that may have happened or to which the minors may have been subjected to and which may alarm a parent in relation to the minor’s safety or in overall relation to their psychological development.

Harassment and Stalking

Investigations into harassment and stalking requested by the harassed party, focus on finding proof documenting that the harassment offence has actually occurred

Disputes regarding Inheritance

Assessment of the veracity of the wills in terms of ownership of the document, through graphology analyses, or finding proof related to the actual value of the asset

Forensic Graphology

Forensic Graphology is the technical-scientific field of Graphology investigations that assists the Legal system in the examination of all types of documents and manuscripts.

Forensic Toxicology

Forensic toxicology is a discipline which, in the legal domain, involves the chemical analysis of toxic substances; the toxicological analysis focusses on identifying the toxin, analysing the doses where it is present and the determining the effects it might have caused.

Forensic IT

Forensic IT is a branch of digital forensic science related to collecting evidence from computers and other digital memory devices.

Forensic psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is a complementary criminology discipline providing, in legal proceedings, a diagnostic-evaluation as well as a useful prognostic tool, for example to determine the mental status of a subject in relation to a particular fact or offence.

Medical forensics

Medical forensics studies the application of medical science to legal issues, assessing the consequences of physical lesions caused by various types of events.

Ballistic forensics

Ballistic forensics is the science of technically assessing the use of firearms, as well as the study of ballistic findings, gunshot trajectories, and all the correlated elements within the investigative framework

We work along with you in designing your proposal.

Contact us to arrange an appointment with your dedicated area consultant.

Abbrevia – nationwide presence.

Legenda dei simboli

Servizi premium, il Valore Aggiunto Abbrevia

La grande differenza Abbrevia? Le indagini investigate.

Ottieni l’indirizzo del debitore, ma al campanello non risponde nessuno. Rintracci un conto della società insolvente, tenti un pignoramento, ma il deposito risulta drammaticamente vuoto. Il tuo nuovo partner commerciale non è in grado di assolvere alle sue obbligazioni, quando tutto lo faceva apparire in smagliante salute finanziaria. Quante volte le azioni promosse e le decisioni prese sulla base di normali informazioni commerciali si risolvono un buco nell’acqua? Troppe.

Con i servizi Premium offerti da Abbrevia questo non accade. Si tratta infatti di indagini investigate, condotte in loco da un team interno specializzato, attingendo a fonti ufficiali e ufficiose.

Le informazioni così ottenute sono davvero attuali e affidabili, rivelano dati effettivi, domicili reali, beni esistenti, conti attivi, autentica disponibilità di un’azienda o di una persona.

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